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The Harden The Fuck Up Post!

Sometimes you need to boost up, to push yourself up.
Shia LaBeouf motivational video is pretty good at that, I’ll do the same in this post.


Where are you, wake up, raise yourself, dig it up.

You need no one but yourself to stand up.

Say it, talk louder, then louder than that!

Say it, what do you want to be?

Say it and now do it, start being who you want to be.

Start doing what you want to do.

Suck it up, pull yourself together and get back on your feet.

Yes, life is designed to be a long sequence of suck. It’s not all about big moments of greatness.

You can get down about it. You can get mad. You can get indignant.

You can even avoid the pain and opt for easy solutions but you’ll be throwing away all oportunities for a better future.

Don’t justify yourself, justification is for the weak.

If you want to be a great man, live a great life!

Make the most of your brief existence on this little rock.

Embrace the harsh truth, embrace what sucks, laugh about it.

A man isn’t born, but instead is grown through years of difficulties and trials.

For the longest time men would venture into the frontier to find themselves and figure out their own paths.

That’s right!

Since the beginning of time. Men have learned to cope with hardship.

We’ve seen our brothers get killed in war, lost limbs in mines, built giant structures, discover new lands, etc..

Don’t be a fucking pussy and relax on your coach!

Without frontiers, without challenges how can you be a man.

How the hell would you forge your own mind, your own soul.

Where are you, wake up, raise yourself, dig it up.


Strive for opportunities.

Don’t be a selfish bastard, don’t be a lazy coward.

Erase the sentence “I’m bored.” from your vocabulary.

If you are bored it means you are not where you are supposed to be doing what you are supposed to do.

As a man it’s your role to constantly challenge yourself, to constantly take risks and decisions.

It’s not fun to play with the safety net still on.

You should be uncategorizable, fun, unpredictable, shining, confident, adventurous, dangerous, daring, humble and aggressive,

Strive for opportunities.


You should be wild!

Don’t be afraid of expressing your dominance, your masculinity and your sexuality.

Be aggressive! Stop letting people walk all over you.

You live by the beat of your own drum!

Do not let others control your life.

Don’t be an English farmer, be a Viking pillager.

You are a master of nature.

Be physically and mentally intimidating, invincible!

Stay hungry, create that vision and make it true.

It is not the quality of the desired object that gives us pleasure, but rather the energy of our appetite.

Be on the lookout for opportunities to kill people.

Don’t be like a spirit broken wolf in a sanctuary, living close to what your were born to do but never really free. Don’t be conditioned and docile.

Escape, go in exile, fight the cold alone for your survival, that’s were your natural instinct and real purpose will be reborn.

Real internal strength.

Don’t stay in the place that feels like home.

You should be wild!


You’re the only one that has power over yourself.

The great master key to riches is nothing more or less than the self-discipline necessary to help you take full and complete possession of your own mind.

Do the hardest thing and the real thing will be become a fun game.

Hit yourself!

If a Frog is heated to boiling slowly it never reacts and dies. However, if a Frog is dropped into the boiling Pot it jumps out.

Don’t fall into the comfort zone and die cooked alive.

Never be satisfied, that’s the way you’ll fall short. See past yourself.

Don’t be phased by rejection.

Eat Rejection for Breakfast and Success for Dinner.

For you “no” should be the equivalent of “can’t you be more creative than that?”

You’re the only one that has power over yourself.


Reward others with your wisdom.

Bring them a spirit of good emotions.

You should know how to take care of who needs to be taken care of.

Remember that most of the time you should not give more than you receive.

Don’t look for approval and validation, look for a way to enlighten the world around you. Why should the way you feel depend on the thoughts in someone else’s head?

Don’t wait for others to do things, it’s just drags you down.

Do things by yourself even if it means doing them alone.

Stop being a follower. Lead them to do what needs to be done.

Lead by example. Don’t lead by arguing.

Be the strong person others can count on.

It’s your role to do the decision making when others can’t.

You are the rock supporting the group.

Handle Everything Immediately. Don’t let things wait if they can be done now.

Find fun ways to solve your problems.

It’s your job as a man to bend over backwards and fight for the next generation, to provide the best for them in all things.

They deserve the best, and anything else is simply abuse.

Search until you find your best, don’t stop until then.

You have to ensure you have set your goals in your life, short term, medium term, and long term.

You’ve only got one life, so make the most of it.

You don’t want to look back at the end regretting it.

When your friends accomplish something celebrate with them. Jealousy and envy are weak traits. Men have abundance.

What one man can do another man can do.

If you’re not satisfied with your results work harder.

Reward others with your wisdom.


It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.

When in doubt always use tit-for-tat.

Power is the ability to affect someone greatly, while being affected very little.

The simple thought of knowing that you don’t need nor money, nor look to be powerful should raise your spirit up.

The simple fact that by being true to yourself you are making a difference should raise you up.

Reach a level where people pursue you and not where you pursue them.

Don’t aim for sympathy. Aim for respect.

Your time and effort is your most valuable asset.

Don’t allow people to fuck with you, be it financially or socially.

You’re not supposed to be “okay” with getting less than what we were promised?

Fight and get the full value for your money. It means insisting they deliver what was promised.

You should not accept boundary violations.

Don’t let them compromise your values.

The self-image and beliefs you project should be respected.

It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.


What do you want to be?

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

Harden the fuck up!

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