Potato Cake 1
A friend of mine received a book wich contains a hundred potato recipes. She doesn't cook and thus asked me to prepare something from the book. I tried myself with the potato cake. It was unexpectedly delicious.
Pancakes 2
There's not much to say about pancakes. They're fluffy, smooshy, and so good with mapple syrup straight from Canada. There's also a cheese cake in that picture.
Cold Pasta With Vegetables And Cheese 3
A very refreshing and simple meal. I try to avoid complicated recipe and prefer raw ingredients.
Wild Omelette 4
An omelette with tomatoes, radish, chedar, sweet potatoes, onions, sparkled with persil, and accompanied by peanuts.
Rice And Beans 5
As a vegetarian beans are my main source of protein. There are multiple ways to prepare them. In winter a warm rice with beans keeps your body in shape.
Spaghetti With Red Sauce 6
That sauce has so much flavors. After caramelizing the onions and browning the garlic, I leave the carrot with spicies so that they become savorous.
Spaghetti With White Bechamel Sauce 7
Just a simple bechamel sauce.
Vegetable a-la-plancha 8
Last summer my father set that place outside to cook on a sheet of metal over a wood fire. This changes the tastes of your usual diner.
Rice With Lentils And Carrots 9
Very high in carotene, fiber, iron, and other good vitamins.
Vegetarian Pate 10
It's a vegetarian pate and not a vegetarian burger! The naming convention aside, this recipe was popular with my brothers and sisters.
Sweet Potato chili 11
I don't remember if it was chili and spicy but I do remember it tasted like heaven.
Potatoes On Fire 12
Just plain potatoes.
Crepes 13
Walnuts 14
Fresh walnuts from my garden
Ramen Noodles With Assortments 15
Noodles need to have vegetables around them. In this recipe I used boiled eggs, mushroom, walknuts, corn, small totators, chickpeas, and cheese.
Couscous With Potatoes And Beans 17
Couscous is an exotic and interesting replacement for rice. Not everyone like its taste but I do.
French Fries 18
Fast food...what can I say!
Garganelli With Fresh Tomato And Basil 19
This was better than expected. The special technique of the recipe is to remove the seeds of the tomatoes and let them marinate with the basil and garlic for two hours.
Falafel 20
Homemade falafel
Grilled Cheddar Sandwiches 21
Cheddar sandwiches grilled in the oven with tomatoes and olives.
Potato Ratatouille 22
Vegetables brought to such a high temperature they melted with the potatoes.
Wild Salad With Fresh Hommous 24
Grape leaves, lemon, tomatoes, lettuce, spices.
Wild Omelette II 25
A spicy and wild omelette.
Eggplants With Sauce And Rice 26
You melt the onions, add the eggplant slices. Let them fry a bit. Then you pour the sauce and let it boil down. The sauce is made of tomatoes, basil, spices, and mushrooms. All is served on a sticky white rice.
Full Grain Pasta With Lentils Sauce 27
A recipe to boost you up! It takes time to cook the lentils so they are tenders so be patient.
Pasta Primavera 28
Al dente spaghetti with fresh vegetables. Caramelized onions, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, and basilique.
Mashed Potatoes With Cheese 29
Mashe potatoes with butter and melted cheese topped with olive oil and fresh basil. Accompanied by toast and bri cheese.
Hot Pot With Bread 30
Chick Peas with potatoes.
Onions and Cream Sauce over mashed potatoes 31
General Tsos's Chickpeas 32
Homemade Pepper Powder 33
I've grown those hot peppers myself in my garden last summer. Naturally dried them over a long period, and recently crushed into powder
Burritos 34
This is a dish I made with my SO. It was fun to make and fun to eat. Very enjoyable savor.
Spaghetti Extra Special Sauce 35
A custom sauce made with some help from my SO. A sweet mix.
Spaghetti Special Red Sauce 36
Another custom sauce made with some help from my SO. Yet another sweet mix.
Father's Homemade Peanut Butter Cake 37
My father made his own peanut butter and a fluffy cake with it.
Father's Homemade Peanut Butter Cake 38
Another picture of the peanut butter cake
My Girlfriend's Homemade Cheesecake 39
A delicious cheesecake made with love.
Vine Leaves 40
Delicious vine leaves made with the ones from my garden.
My girlfriend's homemade bread 41
Amazing bread and Zaatar made by my SO.
Special Recipe I 42
Ratatouille 43
A spicy and fresh ratatouille. Ingredients: Fresh tomatoes left to melt in the stew, garlic, onions, eggplants, bell pepper, black pepper, hot pepper, paprika, and some basilic.
Vegetable Couscous 44
Couscous with some vegetables on top.
Timbele de venere [venus rice] 45
Black rice with vegetables slowly cooked in the oven with added peas for a soft taste. Probably one of my favorite recipe so far.
Homemade Bread 46
Nothing special
Homemade Japanese Noodles 47
Japanese noodles with bamboo sprouts, shiitake, and bean sprouts
Homemade Vegie Sushi 48
My gf made those for me, she's wonderful.
Ravioletti with red sauce 49
A superb meal
Homemade Pizza 50
A homemade pizza with zucchini and eggplant.
Homemade Sandwich 51
A sandwich made from scratch. The bread is a ciabatta bread homemade, the tomatoes, mint, potatoes, the olive oil, parsley, and rocca leaves are all from the garden.
Fresh Spaghetti 52
Spaghetti with fresh sauce.
Homemade Tomato Sauce 53
A fresh sauce made only with ingredients from the garden: tomatoes, onions, green peppper, basilic, mint, rocca, parsley, and other herbs
Freshly Made Ravioli 54
Ravioli dough made from egg and flour, with a white beans, shallots, and garlic filling, served with a red sauce
Homemade pasta with topenade 55
Freshly made pasta with a topenade of garden olives, garden caper, garlic, fresh rosemary and herbs, along with oven baked tomatoes