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Hello world!Thread

Hi, my name is Zerek and I've been using Macs since 2001. I've played around with Linux (mostly Arch and Debian) on PCs, too. I recently acquired a PowerMac G5 with the goal of running FreeBSD on it!


Helo 'na, Dyma fi!Thread

[i]"Hello there, Here I am"[/i]

Okay I was pretty out when I wrote this, so i've redone it. Basically i'm 17 years old, used various *nix flavours for almost a year then stuck with Debian for two years and I moved to FreeBSD earlier this year only a few months ago. I live in Wales, UK and I'm a motorhead.
[b][i]Hwyl fawr![/i][/b]


echo 'Hello World!'Thread

Hello everybody,
I've been using Nix since I started studying Computer Science in 2011. After two semesters I changed from CS to Geoinformatics, and since then I'm trying to avoid the proprietary OS we have to use at Uni.
Until now I managed to do all the my University Stuff on my various GNU/Linux machines (Thinkpad Netbook and Desktop both running Fedora).
I've distro hopped through every major GNU/* Distro and a few *BSDs until I settled for Fedora. I also tried nearly ever Desktop Environment and Window Manager out there until I settled for dwm.
But to be honest: this isn't the first time in my Distro hopping history that I felt like I finally found my setup :)



I've been lurkin in the IRC and figured it was time to introduce myself. I'm just a frustrated CS student who is not learning enough from school, would like to start on some real projects. Ubuntu/Mint has held my hand through my linux experience for the past few years but I switched to Arch a few months ago and couldn't be happier about it.

I like to skateboard, snowboard, fishin, all that fun shit. The pine trees of Maine are my home.

I like the community you guys have here but I'm a noob so you'll probably notice me in shadows just trying to wrap my head around what you guys are talking about.



Hello I am Magnet77, and i hail from the UK. I mostly deviate between Arch and Debian and this site seems to be really interesting to get involved with. So a big hello from me and thanks to the guys running this awesome site :)


Yow guizowThread

Hey guyz,

I just came back from holidays and I saw whole Joom's Stuff fucked?

Is this the new place to speak and do anything?

Btw, the forum's theme is awesome :)

Where can I find you on IRC dudes?

Cya there.


Greetings From ChinaThread

Ni hao (hello) coders i came across this forum by accident but it's awesome 'very coding like' loving the grey layout etc, anyway thought i'll sign up and hope this forum takes off? i assume it's new 'July' was when you guys made it correct ? hehe anyway awesome forum!

oh and here some info about me,

Name: Lith

Age: 25

Nationality: British (But live in china) (im not Chinese remember this lol)

Skills: knows the windows server system very well (2003) also some flavours of Linux Fedora/Debian/ubuntu/redhat some HTML and tiny perl knowledge lol.

- but my main reason to sign up here is to fully understand and learn 'openbsd' if any of you guys are willing to help? i don't know it very well but i have tested it in the past i just want to learn more and understand it's structure if that's ok? (sound like a right newb me) lol

Also anyone recommend the 'best books' for openbsd ?

my plans for my openbsd is to set up ftp apache etc install perl install a windows manager the lightest one and so forth.

'Note' i have to use a VPN to access you're forum seems china banned it lmao so if you check my ip it won't be chinese xD

Hope this forum lasts

Laters ~


Oh thats right.. [NeverW8]Thread

..I forgot to wright a introduction!

I am "TheHotBot" but I go by the nickname NeverW8 in the irc room.
Most of the guys who are in the irc should recognize me as NeverW8!


The I's

I am 20 years old who lives in sweden.
I work as an SysAdmin and are working in cityhall ATM; (Both *Nix & Microsoft)
I am helping people run this city (As sysadmin)
I live in an apartment which is quite big with two cats
I have the one of the best and stable internet connections in my city (100/100 mbit u/d)
I have 7 servers running windows/linux/bsd at home.
I haven't studied in my entiry life
I LOVE Pink Floyd and "old" music.
I like top play games, tf2 and such.

I used to run Slackware on all of my devices, but just because I am a sysadmin I need to know stuff so I have windows servers, debian servers and slackware servers.
My gaming station is running Linux Mint with the Debian base instead of freaking ubuntu.

One more thing, I hate Ubuntu.


Hi everybody!Thread

Hello there UnixHub! I'm a 16 year old guy who is currently using Debian (testing), ok with Linux but would love to learn more. Want to do Computer Science at University. I suck at intro threads.



Hello everybody

I am a 19 year old dude from Sweden, been in to computers/programming for some time but only at a hobby level. Been using *unix for about 2.5 years. Started as a necessity and has grow to a interest in itself.
I work at a Asus service center so I install Windows for a living, hehe. But I am planning to start university studies soon.
Have been using OpenBSD lately but have been playing mostly with Arch.

After lurking to night it seems like a really nice Community so why not join and take part.


Greetings from Denmark :)Thread

Hello Unix Hub... and well as you can see in the title I'm form Denmark.
I have now been a GNU/Linux user for two years and I began to use it full time half a year ago.
I use Arch as my primary and I sometimes tinker with FreeBSD and Gentoo just for the fun of it.

Hope we'll have a good time.



So first things first, my names Anthony, I've been using various linux distros for about 5-6 years now with most of that time spent between fedora and arch.

My knowledge is pretty limited, mostly consisting of common problems I've had to solve on my own (My google-fu is strong) and things I've picked up from the guys on irc and elsewhere (you know who you are)

I typically prefer linux over windows for anything other than gaming and tend to get others into using it whenever I can. (I haven't used BSD, or a Mac OS)

I like helping people out to the best of my abilities, though I can be incredibly spiteful when I'm pissed off or taken for granted.


Hello all!!Thread

Hello fellow unix lovers!
My name is zatzed and I've been using linux off and on for almost three years but I still feel like a newbie compared to all of you! I'm on break at work so I wont be able to get on the irc til later.

Talk to ya'll later!


Hihi everyone.Thread

So... where to start!

To get the boring stuff out of the way, I'm a 16 year old American unix-nub that has only been using GNU/Linux for a little over a year. First started off dual-booting with Ubuntu and Windows, then got rid of the Windows partition. Eventually I got disgusted with Ubuntu's package manager (mostly just some dependency issues.) That little fiasco has led me to Slackware.

Perhaps some more interesting things: I love me some keyboards, have three mechanical keyboards, and I'm looking to pick up some more when I get some money.
for the curious, they are:
1. Happy Hacking Keyboard
2. Steelseries 6gv2
3. Leopold FC200R (Browns, no numpad, no lettering).

Next thing!
Emacs vs Vim: Emacs. Though i've pimped it out to be more like vim. Mainly because I liked how vim worked, but Emacs lisp and all the customization possibilities is a pleasure to goof off with.
Otherwise, I'm a unicyclist, like playing Dwarf Fortress, like playing quake, used to play lots of StarCraft and Dota. Trying to learn German. Attempting to learn C and Python, not having the best of luck, but I'm still trudging along :)

I think that's about it. Obligatory desktop screeny: [spoiler][url=][img][/img][/url][/spoiler]


Hello communityThread

I like using Linux. I started with ubuntu in 2009 but have now made my way to crunchbang.


Future ModeratorThread

Could I be a moderator please? I looked around but couldn't find anywhere to submit an application. I'm suitable for a moderator position because of my excellent communication and management skills. I was nearly allowed to be a moderator on another forum once, if that counts towards my cause. If an admin could just shoot me an email sometime, that'd be great—thanks.

Right, I also know some basic Unix commands like "echo", "netcat", "type", "cd", and "fork"...

I haven't used a forum in a long time. I used to love forums—joining forums, running forums, designing forums, imagining forums, you name it—maybe I still will enjoy forums. I don't want to bring up any grudges, but nobody would ever let me be a moderator. I can't figure out why, certainly not why anybody would pick Zamurick over me! I woulda moderated the hell outta that forum, too... I'm moderator material through and through. You've gotta believe me, serious as a shock-induced heart attack when I'm alone in the dark, scary, cold forest with nothing but my perpetual longing for the responsibility of a moderator position on a medium-sized forum of relevant interest... In the forest, hunting trolls and flamers (who pose a threat to a certain bear) and spammers and being so deeply alone with nothing but the century old anchors of lives so much more meaningful than my own. There is a creak, a rustle, one more forum to have my devices with, foreboding something unfulfilling, so satisfying—a forum following all the right distributions, a forum which I can surely call home and escape this dreary, freezing anathema of hell.

I'm tired, it's relatively late. Not trolling, dry humor. Been using *nix systems for a few years, programming for a few years—C, Java, PHP (revolting!), JavaScript which is not at all related to Java (if that gives me any credibility here seeing that it's a common misconception), poking around in a few other languages, which is really insignificant... Some web design, graphic design—Minecraft lately, a real killer. I also like to cook, read, and appreciate nature from behind a window.

I'm an elite hacker and I'm glad to meet you all.

EDIT: I take myself very seriously.


Let's Try This AgainThread

I signed up and dropped an introductory post shortly before all of the server troubles began. My account and everything I had posted was wiped out as a result.

During the server weirdness, I logged into the Unixhub IRC channel and tried to find out what was going on. I thought maybe I had broken a rule or something and had my account banned.

Almost everyone ignored my questions, with the exception of a user called Venam who sarcastically gave me the "poor baby" treatment. Not cool.

In spite of that, I'd like to give this place a real chance.


Hello from links2Thread

I am lee. Born out of the internet.


Well hello there!Thread


It's been a while since I've mooched around any forums so thought I best get back involved.

I was quite active on joomscrap about 18 months ago under the aliases Devio & Derby... I found my way here by stalking Beastie a little bit.

Anyway, I like IT security etc. and I'm doing a bit of research for IPv6 stuff which was on hold for a few months but that is getting back underway along with my other geekery so hopefully I can make this my new home if you guys don't mind.

Anyway, I'd have cringed at whatever I'd written here so I'm going to try not to obsess over it.



Hey :)Thread

I have come over here to escape the endless BackTrack threads in the HF Linux section. This place actually looks like it is full of intelligent users and I am looking forward to using the forum.



Hey. I'm fairly new to Linux, but not too new. I've been on /r/unixporn for quite a while now and heard about this forum from there. I want to get more involved in Linux, etc. Here's something recent I posted. As I said, I'm new but not too new.

Anything I should know about this forum in particular? And beyond that, hello everyone!



Hows it going?

Saw this forum in someone's signature so came over and joined up. I was a member over at joomscrap so I know a few of you.

I'm from midland UK, a long time Debian user, and currently working as part of a defensive security team for a hosting provider.

Hoping to able to help some of you out, as well as learn some new shit along the way, particularly from the BSD fans.


Ciao a tutti!!Thread

Hello everybody! i'm from Italy... not a big expert with my pc. I want to learn something more from you and share my poor experience :P


Hi allThread

Hello Unix lovers,

I've just discovered this nice forum and subscribed to it.

My name is David Coppa.
I'm 35yo and I'm, one of the two italian OpenBSD developers ;)

I'm the typical "old school" unixy bearded guy: I love to hack, listen to music, and pretend I still live in the 90's :)

Oh... And I'm obsessed with Unix desktop screenshots! But not the GNOME/KDE ones, I prefer minimalist environments...



Hey Yall!Thread

Well I never made post introducing myself so ya. I'm a computer enthusiast like everyone else on this board.
I have been using unix based operating systems since I was in grade 4 in school we ran Ubuntu(don't remember what version)
I never really got into customization and was never really that interested in computers until about 2-3 years ago.
I first became interested in computers when I found some old computer programming books of my parents.
I started off learning C++ but got frustrated and quit so my dad taught me HTML and I've been hooked on anything computer related since.
I know C#, Visual Basic, fairly fluentlt but not completely and I know the basics of Java, C, C++, Python, Ruby, Qbasic, Ajax, and javascript.
I love learning new things about computers and the way they work any chance I get it is litterly one of the main things that drives me in life as sad as that may sound :P.

So yeah rather belated introduction but there it is.


Greetings from Spain!Thread

Hey guys! I'm Pablo, a 17 year old Unix user from Spain. Right now I use an iMac with OS X Mountain Lion as well as an Acer Aspire One with both Ubuntu 12.04.1 and CrunchBang Waldorf.

I've been using Unix daily since 3 or 4 years ago, using it from time to time since I was 10.

I have experience with programming, mostly Ruby (HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well) and Objective-C, with knowledge of C++, PHP and Bash (probably more I forgot).

I found UnixHub on Reddit and found out I really like its content. I surely will enjoy it!

Good day to everyone!


hey everyoneThread

Im so glad to be here. I enjoy the community aspect of FOSS and I think this is one of the many examples of a great forum and usergroup. Just wanted to say hello. I was also wondering how I get on the #nixers irc? All in all have a great one



Some of you have probably seen me on IRC but for those who haven't, yo. I'm an avid programmer, decent at systems administration and I like to think I'm really awesome at web development. I'm also interested in current technology and lifting heavy shit.


Hello, all.Thread

Some of you might recognize me from I run Debian and don't afraid of anything.


Heya there, I'm new here! :DThread

Hello, citizens of UH
I came here because I recently went into *nix world. I'm an almost 18 year old guy who began to love linux world. I mainly coded in C# and VB.NET but that's not an option now.. So I'm(and will) try to learn C or Java. I currently use Mint 13 Cinnamon(just few programs uninstalled) and I'm looking to change it as soon as possible.

Well, that's it. Feel free to ask anything you desire(about me).

Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction thread.


Greetings from a rock in the middle of nowhere!Thread




Hello all.

Some of you (mostly the older members) will remember me :D

I've had a really busy summer, hence my non-existance on other forums/irc's but I hope to change that in the coming while.

For those who dont know me, I am GamingManiac (Yes, I game a lot)

I am a linux enthusiast from Ireland.

I hope to have some fun and get to know you guys a little better


Hello UnixhubThread

Hello, My Name is Zirkonium and I live in Germany. I started out with Linux one week ago my first distro was Ubuntu but I switched today to Arch because I didn't used the terminal. I am currently learning C and everything about Linux, I first need to configure my Arch I installed it 5 minutes ago :)



my name is webspider, I'm 19 years old and I live in Germany.
I'm running Arch Linux and OpenBSD and I'm a Python programmer. I also know Java and HTML/CSS but I prefer Python.
I found this forum through another member (Mafia) and I liked it so I decided to register here, too.
I'm looking forward to joining the IRC later.


Darkthrone's finest memberThread

I like bspwm,

see you all on #unixhub




Greetings all.Thread

Hello there, I have grown sick of a forum that shall remained unnamed. Although, I am sure most, if not all, of you know of this forum.

I've decided to finally make the move over to UnixHub. I am positive I will not be disappointed in my decision. Especially being as I will be part of an international forum brought together by a common ground that is *nix, instead of what people call "hacking."

I feel as though the atmosphere will be intireily(SP?) different, as I can be more lax here. I don't have to watch what I post because I'd have to worry about some kid bothering and pestering me. I am sure my knowledge in the *nix field will be greater grown here at UnixHub rather than it will be anywhere else.

But here is some back story on myself.

I am in the United Stated Army. I am a 25B, which is a Technology Information Specialist. I am also airborne, I jump out of planes. I like a variety of music genres, and I'm pretty laid back. Oh, and I play xbox.

I use *nix constantly, it has become my pride and joy in the past years. It's become my outlet in times of stress, and it has become my precious child as I grow it myself. I'm probably going to make the move over to FreeBSD here soon, moving away from Arch Linux. I will probably end up using both, however. I feel as though getting more into *BSD will get me closer to my goal, though.

Thanks guys.



[align=center][size=xx-large][font=Monotype Corsiva]Introduction: Test-Run.[/font][/size][/align]

[font=Monotype Corsiva][size=x-large]0. [u]Introduction.[/size][/u][/font]

My name is Test-Run.
I love Unix based operating systems and mega threads.
It's so much more organized, cleaner.

In case that you want to read My Official Good Bye Thread to HF,
you can read this here: [url][/url].
To be honest it's a small version.

[font=Monotype Corsiva][size=x-large]1. [u]Unix Based Operating Systems.[/size][/u][/font]

I love Unix based operating systems,
I started as a boy with Ubuntu (bloated), when I was 12 or 13 years old.
I didn't do much with it because I didn't had a nice feeling with it.
After a few months I switched to OpenSUSE.
Again I didn't not much with it except customizing KDE and GNOME a bit.

Then I started talking with Beastie and so I came to an awesome IRC.
Lembas, if I remember correctly, gave me the advice to install Gentoo.
I installed it, liked it, but it was more of a learning lesson.
Then I wanted to move to CRUX, which I didn't do.
I started using NetBSD instead.
After loving it (except PKG_SRC, since it's most of the time outdated).
After that I knew that I would love BSD for the rest of my live
I decided to move on, I started using FreeBSD.

Soon I'll post a mega thread about Unix based operating systems (32 posts).

[font=Monotype Corsiva][size=x-large]2. [u]Contributions.[/size][/u][/font]

None yet.




Long time lurker, first time poster. From the North of Ireland. Mostly FreeBSD / KDE user.


sup dudes?Thread

hello hackers :),
im a computer science student and linux user from germany.
started with debian and after random-distro-hopping i'm using crunchbang with awesome wm




If I were to go to school and pick up some Certs, will that translate to getting a decent job? What Certs should I look into?


Another HF MigrantThread

I've had about enough of for now.

I saw the goodbye threads in the *nix section, and I figured I should join the movement.

I've been using linux systems for about 5 years now.

I'm a Debian guy, learning Python and C at the moment. (And Java, but that's primarily for winblows work.)

Currently in school for programming/software development, and I just can't get enough of it.

Sup guys!


Official Introduction from neo1691Thread

Hey guys, wassup,, my first post here. I usually hang out in the irc, and recently wanted to remain active in the forums as well.

So hi everyone, how are you all. I am using Arch Linux on my laptop. Recently had a gaming discussion with nixers on the irc and now I am hooked on dota 2.

My aim for being here is to learn more about linux, how things work under the hood. I am also looking to participate in one or two open source competitions.

I just love the customizations that you guys do with your linux boxes,
and I also want myself to be able to do the same on my own, that's the aim for me being here. And I hope that being with you guys I would be able to get what I want.!!

That's a decent speech I guess!


visiting from the grillThread

Hi All, have lurked here and there, and today, decided to join. Been a bit weary of joining another community after the demise of muchville. I also recently happened to be perusing the forums here and was sad to see the unixhub drama. Glad to see you were able to come back together and spawn a new community.

I spend my time with my brothers over at LinuxBBQ. Linux has been my main system for the last several years, except at work. I'm a hobbyist, tinkering and configurating for fun, while professionally I work as a Business Analyst.

Main WM's are herbst, monster, cwm. Currently running back and forth between LinuxBBQ Colin, and LinuxBBQ Gruffalo, base is debian sid.

I try to contribute what and when I can. Most of my contributions live over at the grill. Lately with RL, I mainly browse from my mobile while commuting on the train. Weekends usually bring more time for catching up on website, github, and forum activity.

Glad to be here ...


Oh heyThread

Is this the cool new place for us to hide?


hey guysThread

Sup guys, I'm a high school student from California. I've actually been using Linux for a while, dual booted with Windows, and only recently have I stumbled upon this site. Currently I'm using Arch Linux, having come from Ubuntu. I've dabbled in other distros, but I enjoy Arch the most.

I do enjoy programming and gaming, though I'm not as proficient in coding as many of you are.


Hi NixersThread

been a long time lurker here watching nice scrots by the members of this forum, and a fan of 2bwm

a long time user of linux ( or gnu/linux if that matters) and osx here. Sadly, my experience with *bsds ( excepting os x if that counts as one) are lacking, tried openbsd and freebsd for a month, alas since back then none support the latest intel-hd kms, it was a show stopper.

who knows, seeing those sexy nixers setups, i might try it once more


G'Day from DownunderThread

Hi All
Just found this forum from the Arch forum.
Been using Linux for about 13 years now, Both home and at work.
Work as a system Architect for a big TV company.
I love open source and the philosophy behind it all.

Will checkout the forum.



Hello. Is there a "What is this forum about?" topic?

I have a few questions.

1. Who made this forum?
2. What's it's relationship with UnixHub?
3. Is it alive? :D

P.S. I love it btw. :D


fprintf(world, "hello!");Thread

Hello, fellow *nixers, novice hacker from Norway here.

From what I've seen during my short lurking of this community, I'm going to like it here, I hope you'll feel the same.
I started messing around with GNU/Linux around 2006, been through many distros, but I feel most comfortable with Arch Linux and OpenBSD.

[*] pragmatic at times
[*] very unique humour
[*] grinds teeth when stressed


A new ship entering this secure harbor!Thread

Some months ago I found a screenshot of an awesome looking i3wm-setup which led me to /r/unixporn. And a few weeks ago a screenshot in /r/unixporn led me to this community. After lurking around, watching and waiting I finally decided that it was time to hit "Register" and join you.

It's considered normal to write something about yourself in this section - it's called "Introduction" for a reason, isn't it? But I always have had problems describing myself. Let's give it a try:
I've been in love with computers ever since I got my hands on one around fifteen years ago, but of course my passion focused on video games at first (And somehow still does, I'm spending more time than I should enjoying beautiful storylines and discovering worlds unknown to mankind. Well, virtual worlds of course.). A more technical interest started to develop around six or seven years ago.

I discovered Linux and learned to love it (I guess my path was pretty similar to most other people's experiences: Ubuntu - Debian - Arch - place_exotic_distribution_few_people_use_in_here - Debian.) following this discovery I tried out nearly everything that sounds fun, from programming to systems administration, information security and encryption and license philosophy (I liked the GPL once. I was young.). After a short rendez-vous with a local university without much of what's generally called "success" I'm now working as a technician. And yep, I'm regretting that I was too lazy to ever really get my ass behind learning stuff instead of just looking at it.

I'm currently using a Macbook Pro with the original operating system on it, but I'm thinking about getting a cheap notebook and make the switch back to FreeBSD. In virtual machines I'm fiddling around with tiling window managers, color schemes and vim all the time. So this might be a logical step.

Beneath all computer-related stuff I'm not very thrilling either. I like books, music and science as much as your average nerd and avoid social contacts almost at the same level. So let's try to give a summary: Computer-loving guy that somehow has never managed to aquire an appropriate skillset but instead manages his way through everything by Trial and Error and a dash of Google Fu. (And if you ever need useless knowledge, you know where to ask. \\o/)

And for the really lazy people, aka TL;DR: I'm happy to finally be here after a period of lurking around dark corners and watching everything. I'm looking forward to all this and I hope I'm not that annoying because of me being odd from time to time. (Sidenote: Yes, I sometimes write long post. I've got problems with expressing myself in short ways. I'm, honestly, sorry.)


Hey, trying to get startedThread

Hey all. Glad to finally find a Unix/Linux forum that I can actually post on!

I'm having trouble trying to find a place to start with Unix and C programming. I want to avoid college so that I don't send myself further into debt. I have an aptitude for learning extremely quickly. I was Army EOD (the school is all memorizing and scoring 90% or better on every test and only 2 hours of studying a night (has a 95% fail rate)) so I'm sure I can handle this.

I have an older computer (windows xp age) but I'm sure it'll be sufficient enough to run Unix for practice and such.

I just need a push in the right direction with what tools I will need as well as what books and programs I'll have to pick up to start learning my future career.



Hey !Thread

This' crossfold ... You might be knowing me from DerpForums :D ..
UH is really a great forum with intelligent people..
Looking forward to learn a lot and share whatever I can from my side :)


$ figlet hello unixhubThread

Hi all,

After some monthes lurking here, finally decided to post this introduction.

I'm lidstah (the "stah" is an old story :]), a sysadmin from France. Back in the old days I was an Amiga user (still have my good ol' A1200 running), and switched to gnu/linux for main use in 1996 (ah, slackware). Believe it or not, I've never used windows® at home (it's another story at work, sadly, but things are improving :p).

Nowadays, I mainly use Arch for my desktop and my everyday's laptop, Debian on my servers and OpenBSD at work (and on my good old Thinkpad T60).

In my spare time, I enjoy "coding" (well, mostly some "bidouillage" (french word, kind of hacking but in a low level way) in C, Perl, Go and bash), some gaming, playing around with obscure operating systems (I'm looking at you, Plan9 From Bell Labs), hanging around with friends, IRC (I'm an IRC addict since 1995), listening to music, and to participate to the associative life of my city (I'm a member of our local LUG, and of a local associative internet provider (FAImaison, member of the FFDN)).

Oh, and I'm a huge belgian beer fan, and a coffee addict.

Well, I guess that's all :)


Hello, I'm Conch.Thread

My name is Conch, 25 years of age.
I saw this forum advertised so I thought I'd join. :)

I've been using GNU/Linux for around 4 years, I'm a bit of a distro hopper but I've realised that for now, Linux Mint is my favourite.

I'm still learning everything and at the moment I plan to read up on Bash scripting.
I would also like to make the most out of Conky. :)

I will probably one day switch to BSD, as I've heard good reviews on it.
I completely moved away from Windows around 3 years ago and never turned back.
My dream career is to one day work with Linux/Nix systems.

Some of you may have seen me before, I roam around on HF.
That place is rubbish now though, and I can't even be bothered looking at the Linux section again lol.

I honestly never thought moving from Wincrap to Linux taught me so much more about computing, file systems, networking etc.

My hope for the future is to get back into programming and create some multi platform applications.

If I ever do create any applications or scripts they will always be open source to the public.

Sorry for the long intro!
I hope you guys enjoy having me here! :)

Kind regards,


HI guysThread

Hey guys, my name is Simon. I'm 28 currently living in the UK but relocating to the US soon.

Been lurking around IRC and the forum for a little while now. I've always been interested in Linux and have grown more interested in it within the past year, especially with the disappointing mess that was Windows 8.

I currently dual boot my laptop with Ubuntu, replacing Unity with AwesomeWM and enjoy this setup. I've found IRC and the forums an interesting read and there's always something new to try or play around with, it seems.

I enjoy UI customization and love seeing all the screenshots of people's rices that get posted. I'm still very much a novice at all this and have settled for what works for me, although I'm sure it could be loads better.


Hans Hackett

Hi everyoneThread

Hi, everyone

My name is Hans
I am an archfapper ((since you all called it so...
I like programming with python and lua
Currently learning C and Lisp :D



Hi just joined, I really admire the community on this website and thought i'd make an account. I'm interested in joining the IRC chat. Does anyone know where i could find the details of the server? Thanks.


Greetings from CascadiaThread

Hi folks, greetings from Cascadia, in this case, Oregon.

I've been using Linux since about 1999-2000, started out with Red Hat. These days I use primarily Slackware, with forays into Debian sid. I don't use Linux professionally, just a hobby. I use Mac OSX professionally, as I am a prepress technician in the commercial printing industry. I have never used Windows on a personal level, only when I have to in my profession.


echo "orochi" | sed 's/oroc//g'Thread

Hello. Figured I would sign up and stop by here every now and then. I enjoy using *nix operating systems, and I enjoy learning new things about various technology.

You may remember me from such forums as "hack forums", and "...ok that's probably it. If I'm lucky.

See ya around. Might pop into the IRC at some point. I may be drunk and acting somewhat weird at this said time. I may not be.


Hey folksThread

I've just been made a moderator of /r/unixporn so I thought I'd take the time to get involved with the Nixers community too being as there seems to be quite a bit of overlap.

So hi! I'm Josh but go by the alias Foggalong on most of the internet. I'm a designer for Numix and have been using Linux for just over 3 years now. My current set up is Ubuntu with XFCE and though it's nothing special it fits me like a snug old pair of shoes. That being said, I'm more than happy to learn new things.

Look forward to talk with you all!


My nickname is venamThread

hello *nixer,
Myself is introducing myself!
Venam is a student in Computer Science.
He is so annoyed by his classmates (sometimes).
He code in Python, Perl, C++/C and much more.
He's a maniac sometimes.
He likes freedom because it makes him feel powerful in this insignificant world.
He likes to have power over his machine because destruction is also an art.
He likes to read mangas because it kills boredom somehow.
Programming for him is a way to entertain the people of our era.
He believes that everybody has a good side.
Overall, he's a good guy, living in a shitty country.
He wants to know more *nixer in his country (Lebanon).
He talks French, English, Arabic, and a fading of Spanish (took 3 years).
His religious view is Raptor jesus.
He hates Social Networks.
His favorite movie is Donnie Darko.
He doesn't watch television.
He is vegetarian.
He's not up-to-date with music, he likes old school music and/or metal (from Finland).
He's a retro gamer.

That's All folks!



Hey y'all.

I'm Phil - I'm here for the rice.

Dr Chroot

An unremarkable enterance...Thread

Greetings, nixers!

I have been using GNU/Linux full-time since Spring of last year, finally severing ties with Windows 7. (No hard feelings, though.) Despite the (IMHO) dreadful Unity interface, Ubuntu was a breath of fresh air and a welcome respite from the plebian masses plugged into botnet OS's. It enlivened me, and gave me the will to pursue Unix-based OS's further, something I am grateful to the project for.

I went on to experiment with openSUSE, Fedora, Arch, CentOS, Mint, gleaning from each skills which helped me with the next. Now I have begun to quite enjoy the Debian project, and have pursued it further than the others, developing a taste for the riced desktop :)

I look forward to being able to watch over the shoulders of master ricers and sharpening my skills with CUI interaction. Have a great day!



I'm from Hackforums.

That's all you need to know.


Hi GuysThread

Hi everybody,

I actually dunno how and why i spot this place, but seems a very very good once! my first post was in fact a Thnaks post for a python document pack ^.^
I hope to find good people, good conversations and good arguments in this community!

abount me...
I've recently started as Sysadmin but i love *nix from a lot before.
My main concerns are about Networking and Security as the fields i would like to learn more and more!





I was gone for quite sometime, don't ask why. It's getting annoying lol.


Hey allThread

I stumbled across this site when you guys were first starting out, and a year later I've realized just how far you've come. The site looks great. I've been lurking in IRC for the past week or so. I'm a computer engineering student, soon to be employed in NYC.

You can find my code and configs here:


I use xmonad and Arch Linux, here are a few screenies. The first is an animated GIF!!! :D






I am God. God is a computer god. Unfortunately God doesn't know Linux.

God is here to learn.

Hope to have a good time here. :D


Stop dem Reading, Start dem postingThread

Hello there, nixers!
Since i've registered here for some time now and even posted a pretty clumsy thread about 2bwm, I decided to go back a step and start introducing myself. I go with Linux for about 2 or three years now, and discovered an affection for ricing and tweaking for me. The reason for this was basically because I did not like the stock Linux GUIs and needed something different. When stepping over to this, some other stuff like doing more and more scripts followed. I had some contact to z3bra and I am pretty happy that your blog is back up. So, i guess i matured a bit and want to Get started now with going Crazy with *nix-stuff. First of all, i try to set up irssi, what Sounds like Black Magic atm to me. Okay, thats it for now, i Hope we will get to know each other on irc soon! :)


Vive la Revolution!Thread

Hello! I'm a long time hardware enthusiast, and more recently (last 5 years), a *nix enthusiast; overclocking, efficiency, and low-level tinkering. I'm currently rocking an EVGA 680 4GB running at 1408mHz GPU core, and a 3770k running at 4.7gHz, with a relatively small and hardened Arch Linux install on btrfs.

I have what you might consider esoteric, but what is in reality just a radical and powerful political stance, of which I relate to software. I don't support the status quo of large corporations that rule the world through corrupt governments - I fight this concept everyday with my actions, my words, and my faith in the concept of a free world, a free nation, and a free human race. The only problem with my faith in a truly free world is that we can't have it as we are without major change; a revolution. *nix offers a way to help decentralize the powers of large conservative corporations, and I appreciate that more than most people realize. It isn't just a free OS, or an alternative to Windows - it's a lifestyle, a replacement.

On top of that, I'm a classically trained classical alto saxophone player, as well, and dabble in most woodwind instruments (love the clarinet, but I play it like I play the sax).

I'm glad to have found this community, and hope to contribute as much as my time allows.

Best regards,


"Don't die for revolution, live for it." - Felipe Andres Coronel


Hi all'y'all!Thread

I'm just a regular geek. I know my way around a few languages - Perl, Ruby, Lua, JS - all those nice things.

I've been using *nix since 2008, starting with Fedora, and hopping distros ever since, including some time on FreeBSD. The same goes for window managers, preferably manual tilers. Currently I'm stuck on Gentoo with StumpWM.

[b]PS:[/b] My nick is short for "crashed", since I have the tendency to tweak things until they break.


Hello allThread

Hello everyone, I made an account here awhile ago but never got around to using it until now.

I'm a software engineering student and I've been using Linux for about 10 years now, started on Ubuntu but moved on to Arch after awhile. Currently I'm running Arch on my desktop, Chrome OS/Crouton on my chromebook and debian on my server.


echo 'Hello World' > /unix/hubThread

Hello fellow unixfappers! I've been hanging around IRC for about a week now and finally decided to register on the forums. I love fapping to unix daily since I use it for my job. I've always been a FreeBSD whore, but I use linux as well, and sometimes dabble in the worlds of OpenBSD and NetBSD.

I'm always messing around with window manager configs when I'm not working. Some people distrohop, but I just stick to tuning configs and rewriting them to meet with higher beautiful code standards. I love irssi, rtorrent, pf, and I think I love 'buildworld' almost as much as Beastie.

That's enough about me for now. Come hang out in IRC so we can fap together!


useradd -m meThread

Helo everyone, it's great to find another *nix community :-)


Hello UnixHubThread


I figured I should re-make my introduction! I originally joined looking for Joomla, and once I found him. I was going to force him to help me out with all my unix questions, but then I realized I didn't have time in my semester to learn something non-related to the five courses I was already taken, so being overwhelmed I stopped. But the fire in me to learn Unix hasn't left me yet! I'm off school and plan on spending a few months no-living this.

I'm Oz, I come from Canada living in Alberta (Under this fucking snow). I'm seventeen, Athletic, weird, love coffee, and love to learn. I live for stressful scenarios and learning new things. I work at Starbucks as a Barista trainer and shift supervisor.

I've been inspired to learn Unix once I realized a few things. The world we live in, and the world we will live in years down the road is dominated by technology, and it seams like Unix is the foundaiton of the majority of it. I have a long list of things I want to learn relating to this large goal, and Unix is one of them!

I am currently on a Macbook Pro 13in Retina display, with OSX. On a virtualbox I have booted a FreeBSD (Or trying to install successfully, at least). I plan to have a dual boot, and work up to a single boot of FreeBSD, or another BSD OS.

So yeah, that's me. How are you all doing?


Hello all!Thread

Hi guys,
I met a couple of you on the IRC. I'm currently going to University for Computer Science. I've been using Linux off and on for the past 2-3 years. I run Debian with Windows 7 on my Desktop. On my laptop, I just recently switched from Crunchbang to ElementaryOS. I'm still learning a lot about Linux and all the cool things going on in the background. See you guys in the IRC!


echo 'Greetings!' > unixhub/users/*Thread

I study computer lingustics and I love UNIX. I was happy to see a dedicated forum on the tubes and decided to join. If I can do something to help maintain or build this forum let me know.

What now? I run Arch Linux and my plan is to try out some BSD* variant soon I think.


Well hi there!Thread

Greetings esteemed members of the *nix community!

I'm an avid Linux user, but looking to take my first steps into BSD very soon.
I've been a Linux user for the past few years (and before that OS X) so I've always been on *nix at home.

I enjoy messing around with eye-candy and check DeviantArt daily, [url=]check out my profile[/url] :)
I also run a [url=]personal blog[/url], mainly comprised of my endevours in the *nix world.

I've been all warm and cozy on Arch Linux for a while now but I'm looking to checkout BSD on one of my other machines and explore UNIX a bit further!

Apart from all the geeky stuff: Drink, girls, tattoos, video games (huge Halo fan), and many other things people probably don't care about! :P

I look forward to the future discussions in this, what already seems to be, great forum!


Hi peeps.Thread

Ello. I found this forum from a screenshot.



Hey heyThread


I'm dunz0r. I reside in Enköping, Sweden.

I've used Linux for roughly 10 years now. I work as a network technician and when I'm not working I'm often building robots or reading.

I found this forum from a screenshot on /r/unixporn and found it interesting. Since screenshots are mentioned, I'll share my current laptop setup: [url=] Link[/url]


Oh HAI !Thread

Hi everybody, after a few mothes of lurking /getting in touch with the community over IRC, I finally created this account. I hope it will be usefull ;)

Anyway, I'm z3bra, an apprentice in CS engineering. I discovered linux 2 years ago (oct. 2011, happy birthday) with ubuntu. I switched to arch 5 month later and now, most of my computers run this (server, desktop, laptop, school VM).
I also have set up CRUX on my notebook for basic operations like ssh-ing to servers and coding. I'm planning to setup a firewall over OpenBSD soon.

In my spare time, I enjoy coding, skateboarding, climbing and gaming.
For each of 'em, here is a quick introduction:
- C/C++, Java, shell, php, brainfuck, asm
- alien workshop / independent trucks / spitfire wheels
- Climbing up to 6c/7a (5.11a to 5.11d USA)
- AMD A10-5800k / Nvidia GTX 650 Ti / 1440x900

I mostly play Quake Live / Quake 3 defrag, but I enjoy when games are runnable through wine (eg: Id software Rage)

If you have any question, feel free to ask !



so i'm new here, just wanted to introduce myself.

i'm a software developer, who runs arch linux and loves tiling wms. i've been using awesome for a while now, but recently have been using herbstluftwm. i hack on stuff at


Wassup People?Thread

A while back in time, scanning thru my glasses at the #! desktop thread, I saw a user give a shout out to this place called "UNIXHUB" in his scrot. It's not until today tho, that I have actually decided to see as to whether or not the site was legit.

And off the bat, you guys don't disappoint! The site is very minimal and attractive, like those homes on the lakefront: minimal and yet full of storage compartments.

This does not seem much of an intro tho to who I am, then again on all the forums I have posted I have never gotten this right. And on one forum I was kicked out for deciding to write my intro in mint green font, a personal favorite color of mine. Not because I was judged on the color but because they assumed any color other then black is yelling.

Anyway without a further delay....

I have loved computers since the day I was in the first grade. I went to private school and they didn't always buy the latest equipment... or a lot of equipment. Our library only had twenty computers within its long shelves of non beaten up books. So the privilege of using them went mostly to the eight graders and when they were not using them to do boring things - looking at high school sports for example. The lab was open to any of the lower grades.

Our teacher thought it would be cool to explore the realm of the computer. The things were massive and grey. The first ever application I used was paint, I drew lines on top of lines because kids with mice don't really work out to well. I also performed my first GOOGLE search on there for "Book reports on Junie B. Jones books" and my second "How to lie and not get caught", those search's saved my life a couple of times.

And as I aged so did the school. Eventually they ditched the old 90's HP machines and got newer HP's (it's here that I learned HP's always overheat). Every year students hate coming back to school, but in the fourth grade while everyone else was thinking about joining band I looked into the newly formed computer club. It's here where I first saw the inside of a computer and thought "That's a massive city they have in there! " and "Sony should sue these people for naming something PS1". After being in the computer club until I went to public school in the seventh grade, I understood what I wanted to do in life. I wanted to work with computers. Sadly tho there was no computer club to join.

In High School, I joined all the classes that had to deal with computers. From computer servicing to networking, where I ran in the Cisco Netriders and finished third in my cities area and fourth in state, sadly it ended there because they only took the top two teams. To computer apps where I achieved a MS Office certificate and finally keyboarding. The school was also pretty cool in the fact that since the junk computer parts where of no use to them they put it in a hallway. My friends took two projectors that was in working order side a non-working lamp that would have put them back $600 USD. I only made away with a Intel Core 2 DUO computer that the caps were all dead and a Nvidia gefore 7300 LE.

I started to use Linux on Halloween day in 2010 using Ubuntu 10.10, and after many distro changes, am still using it today.

*unix is something that will always stick with me and hope to use in future careers. Currently I am planning to attend Hartford University for a Dual major in Computer Science and Web Development. All of this may sound enticing, but in reality I'm not that "cool". In my spare time I love to watch The Amazing World of Gumball and Rabbids, as well as play Linux's Nexuiz. I am not much of a gamer tho, only going on there to talk to some close mates from around the world. I don't play any instruments, don't have a girlfriend, don't have a twitter, or other social network site. So basically one can call me Patrick from Spongebob, because I really do enjoy being lazy.

So to summarize:

I am a computer loving guy that never was really cool to people who did not know the difference from a mofset and a capacitor, but I do like TV and being rather lazy. I am looking forward to being here with you guys and elaborating on things.

And maybe some *BSD folks can help me compile a minimal kernel.


Hey team!Thread

Hey everyone,

I'm halfoff. I'm newish to the Unix game; been playing on Ubuntu for about 4 years, and recently started with Arch. I currently have both Ubuntu and Arch in use on my desktop and laptop, respectively. Besides that, I'm just getting into Unix (and am enjoying it).

I'm a CS BA in my third year, and I really (really) love programming. I work as a mobile developer for a family friend, and am at home in any C programming. I really like learning new languages (which the college education really helps with) and am excited to be here after browsing the forum/ IRC for a while.

So hey.



Hi! It just occurred to me that I never got around to making a proper introduction. I'm dbcooper. On reddit, I go by dbcooper2012, and on the IRC, I've been just going by "coop". I've been lurking and occasionally posting here for a couple of months now, and just recently, I posted a tutorial about putting Linux on the Zipit Z2.

I just graduated Community College with an Associate's Degree in Information Systems Technology, and am currently enlisted in the Air Force (waiting to go to Basic Training).

I liek gangster rap music, nifty and obscure gadgets, and of course, *nix.

If there's anything else you guys want to ask about me, feel free!


Hey I'm From derpforums.netThread

Hello all, I am an avid *nix user and still learning how everything works!

Anyways I came here because of the terrible low quality posts at HackForums mostly about backtrack and all that bullsh**.

I intend to stay active as long as this site stays up!

Thanks for your time


[i]MOD EDIT: No profanity please.[/i]


Hey everyoneThread


I'm 20 years old, from Germany and in real life people call me Felix. Online I go under the name ne0phyte. That's a lower case n and a zero - if you mistake that for N and/or O you may want to change your font :P

I used to try various Linux distributions all the time but never kept using one for a longer time and/or as main OS. As someone whos gaming a lot I always went back to Windows.
After Valve announced and released the Steam beta client for Linux I installed Arch (~8 months ago) and sticked to it. I'm now running Arch on my ThinkPad and on my desktop.
[size=-4] But I still have a Windows on my desktop for games.[/size]
I chose Arch because I liked the idea of installing everything from the ground up and being forced to learn how to configure everything. (Unlike *buntu where you get tons of things you may never need installed.)

The more I learn about Linux (configuration, tools, APIs/libs) and get into various core tools the more it feels like a huge sandbox and I love that. Oh and I finally started learning C/C++ (I'm most proficient in Java SE/EE).

I'm also into mechanical keyboards - this is how I got here in the first place. [url=]Phyrne[/url] asked me on [url=][/url] to join you on :)

That's it for now!


I'm back!Thread

Hello all,
It's been a while. I've been introduced here before, but I've been super busy. A mix of finals and a new job have been taking up all of my time. I will be hopping onto the IRC later on!


Hi everyoneThread

I'm a CS student busting out prerequisites for a graduate program (my undergraduate degrees are in the humanities). I have been a linux user since 2009, and I first experienced *nix with Apple System 7.

I'm relatively inexperienced as a coder, but I am enjoying the learning process, mostly within the C family of languages.

I mainly use Arch (I think there's some sort of rule that as an Arch user I'm supposed to let everybody know) for my desktop needs, and Debian for my home server. At school, I use Solaris for SPARC assembly coding.

I'm glad to be here, and to have found a community of people who enjoy Unix and Unix-like systems as much as I do.


Hello Unix Hub-NulledTechThread

Hello Unix Hub,

My name is NulledTech, I'm actually new to *nix.
Read about Arch Linux and actually jumped right in it, successfully installed and enjoying it right now. *nix has for a long time has sparked my interest. While I'm here, I hope to contribute to this community in a positive way.


Heres my introThread

I don't know what to put here...
I run FreeBSD... Uh, KDE and dwm. Trying to get herbstluftwm to work...
Ya. Hi!


Why hello there!Thread

Hey everyone, I'm dami0! I've been hanging out on the UnixHub IRC for a while and I've finally decided to give yourselves a formal introduction.

I'm a Physics student by day and by night I like to tinker a lot with stuff to make it more efficient or just a bit less of a hassle to use. Really anything from motorcycles through multitools to computers.

I started off on Unix systems with Linux about 3.5 years ago after hearing about it from a lot of people on the websites I used to hang out on at the time. I distro hopped for a while before settling on Archlinux. Haven't yet tried any other *nixes to a serious extent but I'm planning to real soon.

I'm usually just pumping out code for the course or doodling around with making all sorts of things like encryption, install scripts and games or other, sometimes with others.

I got here by meeting gurhush on 420chan IRC and having an extended conversation that eventually covered this lovely place.



Hi, I'm klr, from sweden. I've used GNU/Linux since my first computer, currently I'm running Debian but I gonna switch to Source Mage when I got some time. I have tried FreeBSD, and will try OpenBSD and/or MirOS BSD, if I need a server I'll run one of those three on it probably. I'm also studying C, just recently started. I hope I am welcome and can share some of my knowledge and learn from yours.




Saw this on /r/unixporn and got curious.


Helo pawb!Thread

Hey everyone! Some of you might know me already i am Red1403 from HF.
I am 19 years old and lived in Wales all my life. Always had a habit to play around. At the age of 5 I started playing around with this PC I had, that had Windows 98 installed on it. When I was 16 I had a laptop with a HD that was failing and so i used the Ubuntu live-CD for about 2 months to do my college work. I then used it to rescue documents and pictures from computers that would not boot. I then went back to it Christmas 2010 since I got a netbook that was really slow with Windows 7 Starter Edition. I went to Debian not long ago and experimented with many distributions like Arch and many Debian based such as Crunchbang. I gave my HD to a friend few weeks ago and since i could not re-master Debian properly so I had to use Ubuntu to create a custom CD in order to carry on using my netbook. More to the story but those are the basics.

I have met many awesome people on IRC and i hope to see you all around :)
See you all around xD


Prominent here :3Thread

Hello guys, this is Prominent. I am a webmaster, graphic designer and a bit of a programmer.
I'm currently doing some self-study to take a Linux+ exam. And then I saw this in Beastie's signature so I decided to join.

Nice to meet you all!


Just wanted to say HiThread

Finally decided to registrar after a while of lurking. Well my name is Mark and I've been using Linux the past four years full time. Right now my main Distro is Manjaro with the xfce desktop. I'ved use many other Disros such as Ubuntu, Zorin, Mint, Debian, SolydX, Crunchbang, and Antergos. But I keep coming back to Manjaro..


Hello Friends!Thread

Hello all! I figured I would make an account on the fourms since I've been in IRC for a little while now...

I'm a unix noob but I hope to learn quite a bit. I'm going to college for essentially programming, and I'm from boring old Ohio.

So hello!



Completely new I'm just starting to get into coding and all so i wanted to talk to some other linux users. The fact is I love coding and all and I'm getting really into it but I don't want to wreck my computer. Anyway I'm glade I found this page. I'm in college at the moment and getting ready to go into the Marine Corps...its a big step but I'm also about to get married as well.


toilet --gay "Hello"Thread


I'm from Poland and I'm still at University.
I love all sane Unix-like systems.
Minimalistic Linux Distros and FreeBSD are my favorites.

I mess lots with Linux kernel, exploring subsystems, messing with "stuff".

I love to program. I have some skills in C, Scala (Java too) and Ruby. I'm trying to learn Haskell to keep my brain from rusting.

I have [blog]( which I do mostly to learn using English "actively".


Hello, I am OpenSourceThread

Hello, My Name is OpenSource, I've Been Using *nix Distros for a while current OS: Arch Linux But Soon will migrate to FreeBSD as Arch, Sometimes Can Be a Pain :p , I Joined UH To expand my knowledge, assist with This Great Community, & Someday Be Able To become a expert at *nix.


Afternoon nixers!Thread

I registered a few months back, but I started a new job and have been mainly lurking around. Glad to be here.

Keep up the awesomeness!


Hello, everyone!Thread

Howdy! I'm dcli.
My distro is slackware, my DE is xfce, my WM is xfwm4, my theme is numix, my background is this: ( and I'm learning python. Ask anything else you want to know!


Hey EveryoneThread

Been looking for a good Linux community for a while found this site while browsing around HF. Looks like a good group you guys have going here and want to be apart of it.

I have worked with a lot of different Linux distro's but prefer Debian. I am currently devoting most of my time to learning C++ but have been a hobby programmer since high school working in php and perl.

I love learning as much as I can about computers and look forward to giving back what I can.


Hi everybody!Thread

Hi everybody,

I've noticed this forum appear in a few shots on /r/unixporn and it seems like a nice community. Love the desktops!

I'm a programmer by day (.net mostly... shh!), but my home setup is now 100% GNU/Linux. I'm currently running Debian Jessie on my main machine (Alienware X51) and Sid on my C7 Chromebook. I also have a Pi for playing with and a spare machine I'm probably going to turn into a Steam Box.

I'm interested in gaming, the ways of open source, security, tinkering with my machines and generally anything nix!

Looking forward to getting involved!


Greetings and introductionThread

Good day,

I am a student from South Africa delving into all the fascinating insides of unix systems. At the moment I am trying to get FreeBSD working in such a way that I can use it every day, which gives some interesting times.

Guess I will be hanging around here and seeing what I can learn.




Stumbled across this forum a few weeks ago and finally decided to register.

A little about me... I've been full time *nix user since 1999, and have run all the main distributions since. I have been mainly running Arch for about 6 years now I believe. And I also run a couple of Debian servers. And FreeBSD on my Netbook. I mostly stick to tiling window managers such as DWM and XMonad. :)



hi everyone
I'm really bad in introducing myself so I'm going to keep it short and simple ;)

I'm a linux user for about 2 years and kind of loved it from the first second. At the moment I'm using sabayon corecdx.
And if you want to know something else you just got to ask.

Just by reading some threads on here it looks to me like a great community so I hope it'll be fun :)


Hello everybody :)Thread

Most of you know me as NeoTerra from the IRC. I know most of you (the original members, at least).

I'm one of the founding members of UH. I am a super moderator and Unix enthusiast living in Canada. I wouldn't say I'm inexperienced, but I'm no genius either. I have no formal coding background, but that will change soon.

I look forward to building this community together :)


Hey guys!Thread

Hey guys,

I'm a Linux/Unix fan, that has been messing around with it for a couple years now. From making home servers with my rPi, or running full desktops for web dev and other things. I love it, and like some of you know, I'm in the process of trying to build myself a tilling/general WM desktop. Feel free to contact me anytime, I respond pretty quickly.

thanks for letting me into this great community,


Dr Chroot

An unremarkable hello...Thread

I've lurked nixers for a while already, watching over the shoulders of the gurus as they have worked their magic. Perhaps it is time for me to finally rid myself of the pesky "Oh no, A guest!" up in the corner ;)

Although I tinkered with a few Unix-based distros back in the day, I never really understood how anything worked. A quick jaunt with Ubuntu 10.10 after the Computer Electronics Show in 2011 left me hungry for more, and a decidedly distinct distaste for Unity.


Ciao belli!Thread

Hi all!

I'm a unix lover, linux, bsd and osx user.

delighted to be a part of this community, I'll big congratulations to the style of the site ... great!


Hey guys!Thread

So I've been informed late since I don't get on the IRC often, but here I am. I think most of you know me (hopefully), and for those who don't know, I'm Reki from HF.

Anyway, about me. I got into *nix a year back, mainly because I wanted to try something new, and because I was pretty much sick of Windows. I think I've learned a lot considering I've only been using *nix for the past year, though I still have a lot to learn. On coding though, I'm still not experienced but I'm currently learning Python and C.



Hello everybody! :P

Marilize Legaljuana


Hello everyone, I am ML for short. I produce music and used a few Linux distros growing up. I currently use Mac OS X and I would like to learn more about it seeing how Unix based it is. Will anyone help me rice my desktop out?

Cosmic Leaf

Howzit from South Africa!Thread

Hi everyone! I'm Cosmic Leaf, from down south in the rainbow nation. I've been fiddling around with *nix OS's for about a year now but still have yet to settle on one. I program in C++ as a hobby (planning on turning it into a career when I'm out of school) and I'm very interested by the theory and structure behind operating systems.
I'm hoping to become quite an active member here (and finally get something set up)!


Hi nixers!Thread

Hi everybody!

Swiss IT guy here. I discovered on some scrot (I did not remember if it was on /g/ or /r/unixporn). You guys seems to know what you are talking about, and your desktops setups juste made me register (especially z3bra's one, sublime!).

To be honest, I'm quite new to the *nix world. I was introduced will I was in internship at a hosting company and immediately loved it.

I started by using crunchbang on my desktop before I realized it was nothing else than a pre-riced debian. I'm now using Arch on my desktop and my t410 and debian stable on my VPS.

Otherwise, I'm really into drum & bass, climbing, mechanical keyboard and yeah ... that's it.

I will probably lurk a lot since I'm still learning (yeah you never stop learning, but we are not at the same level ;D).

Feel free to ask any question!


Salutations and GreetingsThread

Hello Unixhub,

My name is DotDev (ward) I'm joining your community to further my Unix skills and knowledge. I've been fascinated by Unix for several years, while browsing Arch Linux, Reddit, & More sites I've seen a great amount of praise and Unixhub users and quickly took notice visited the irc and site just to see how it was, long story short I was impressed from what I see its a very active site and I like that, with that being said I'll gladly make this my secound home.

Thanks in advance for the warm welcome


Hey guysThread

Hello I am pigpenguin, and I hail from sunny Southern California and for fun I write code and work on robots. Recently I decided to ditch windows and switch over to Linux for good. So I installed arch because I like knowing how my things work and being able to customize them. I found out about Unix Hub through /r/unixporn, lurked for a bit, and it looks like a cool community with cool people so I decided to jump in. Guess that's it, see you around the forums.


greetings one and all!Thread

I'm SodaPhish, from the 605. Long-time BSD/Linux user (started on BSD/OS 2.0 and have been running Linux since kernel 1.2.) I'm an infosec goon by trade, as well as being a husband and father.

My current rig for *nix is an ESX 5.5 server with four boxes on it: Debian 7, OpenBSD 5, CentOS 6 and another Debian box (my virtual workstation.) (It has 2TB of disk, 32GB of RAM, and quad-core AMD processor -- its a SuperMicro full-tower)

Looking forward the community.


eye || gnomeyeThread

hello everyone

I'm eye - or also known as gnomeye, cause the username eye is not easy to get in the web.

I'm 24 years old and my passion is Linux. From time to time I also try other *nix systems (FreeBSD...)

Linux History:

I started with Knoppix to rescue my Windows installation, and soon thought a *nix system would be a better choice for me.

From SuSe to Ubuntu, Debian, but also a lil bit of LFS, Gentoo or Fedora, I tried a lot of different distributions. (I reccomend LFS for everyone wanting to know the FHS and Linux way better)

But since a few years I can assure you my love for ArchLinux.

In my job I also get to work on SLE Servers or SunOS. (Application Operation)

I'm hoping to be a help but also get some help when I'm in need ;-)

Soo.. cya around (irc and so on..)


a little about meThread

i dislike capital letters. i am fond of free software. 28 years old, i live near niagara falls in canada. i have a background in computer science including a partially completed degree in computing. in my free time i enjoy customizing and playing sysadmin.

i have two computers, a dell desktop running windows 8.1 and a dell laptop running freebsd.

thats all i can think of. long time irc'er, first day on the forums. be gentle!


Hello fellow nixersThread

Not lying, I've never used Linux. I'm just so very fascinated by unix scrots so I decided to join. I rice Windows a bit though. Thinking of getting #! or Archbang as a starting distro.
That's all.


Howdy 'n stuffThread

Greetings everyone!

I'm eksith. Nice to meet you.

Consultant, developer/programmer, designer, amateur therapist type -- who's not particularly great at any of them -- with mild OCD here. I usually get drafted to do something else from whatever it is I'm doing at the moment. No complaints (that's a massive lie).

I enjoy taking apart things for no particular reason. My folks tell me this was a problem since I discovered a screwdriver.

Wee bit of background:
I've dabbled in multiple variants of *nix, but these days, I tend to hover around OpenBSD because I'm incredibly lazy at times and this is one OS that doesn't need constant baby sitting. Remember the good ol' days when a bunch of shell scripts ran your universe? Yeah, those were (are? Well, they ought to be be!) good times.

My first *nix system was FreeBSD and my first proper tutorial that I followed end-to-end was setting up a cvsup server. I think this was around 2003-ish.

These days I've been working on writing, re-writing, re-re-writing very simple utilities and tinkering with electronics as a hobby or if I'm not in the mood, I relax with a bit of Anime. I have terrible spelling and grammar so it takes just slightly more than the half-life of Americium-241 to finish a sentence I care about (I started writing this in 1581 with a quill dipped in yak dung).

[ I'm originally from the Windows world with a whole complicated history there, but that's not applicable here ;) ]

How I got here :
From Hacker News, oddly enough, when I asked D9u about his off-grid setup a couple of months back. Off-grid and sustainable living are dreams of mine. Long story short, I want my sustainable cabin to be tendered by robots. Preferably running some variant of Debian or OpenBSD.

In my usual cart-before-horse fashion, I signed up before lurking much so... yeah. ;)


Hi :DThread

Hi, my names Dyzaster (The Dyzaster)

I was invited here by a good friend of mine, im happy to meet the people here, ive seen a few HQ posts so far and i think this is a much better forum then some ive been on in the past lol.

I do get in IRC alot, if anyone wants to chat just send me a PM with the IRC server and room and i can hop in :D

~The Dyzaster



I'm engraze.
I'm an archfag.
I like animuu.
I like programming (mainly python/perl)
I have intermediate unix knowledge.
And I am liking the Unix Hub so far.


Hey everyone!Thread

Although I've been speaking in the IRC for a day or two now, I just recently became a member here. I just thought I would drop in and say hi.



Hi! My name's Will. I'm a programmer/UNIX enthusiast located in NYC. I currently use Arch Linux on my home machine and Mac OS X on my laptop.

I'm relatively new to the *nix game, only trying out my first Linux distribution about a year and a half ago. Since then, I've played around with a few, ultimately finding myself most comfortable with Arch Linux.

Seems like a nice community here, I'm excited to get to be a part of it.


Hello Unix HubThread

Been lurking for a bit thought I would go ahead and introduce myself. Dig computers but really into networks, work at an ISP so its what I get to do everyday. Used Linux for years but just recently started using freeBSD not looking back. Love learning and look forward to watching the community grow.



Hi everybodyThread

I'm Alejandro, a spanish programmer (mostly Python and JavaScript) and UNIX

I use Arch Linux as my desktop OS and Debian on the servers and I've been
curious about the BSDs for a while, although I haven't tried any of them yet.

Read you around!



I'm a Canadian high school student that finally moved away from Win7 to Ubuntu 13.04 this year. I've always wanted to learn more about *nix systems and found this forum through /r/unixporn on Reddit. You guys have such an awesome community who are willing to help out noobs so I'm probably going to lurk and learn your wizardly magic.

I spend most of my time lately practising Calligraphy and tinkering in Ubuntu with a little side gaming. I'm hoping to move over to a much more customizable system and get out of the kiddie pool into more advanced stuff this summer.


Dear Princess CelestiaThread

Today I learned that Unixhub has actually usable and awesome forum!


Ola here, from Poland, I use OSX and Debian mostly, but also have HPUX, Tru64, Solaris, MorphOS, AmigaOS, Xenix and MacOS machines :3

I am an expert in being myself, and I await further questions.


Hey EveryoneThread

I'm a computer science student from Canada and I really like working with networking and computer hardware. After I graduate I'd like to work as a sysadmin.

I've been using GNU/Linux since around 2008. I started out using Ubuntu, but now I run Arch on some of my machines and Debian on my home server.

My free time is spent learning new things and gaming. I'm currently really into wireless technologies and hope to get my ham radio license this summer.


Hello, World!Thread

theconjuring here. My real name is Berk, I'm 16 years old. I reside in Turkey, study in Bornova Anatolian Highschool.

I've always been interested in computers, and decided to take this further in 2012, installed Arch Linux on my computer and began from there. I do a little programming, and I'm learning more of it every day.

I listen to a lot of heavy metal and progressive rock, along with 80s Pop and New Wave. I like to eat lots of food. I'm 104kg, 192cm, and look fat. I watch Parks & Recreation, Game of Thrones and HIMYM. I don't have a girlfriend. I'm short-sighted (-1.5/-1.0), wear eyeglasses and have a very limited choice of clothing. I take a bath three times a week.

I don't do anything involving frequent move of legs and hands. No sports. I kinda' want to lose some weight though. Could take some advice.



Hi, what's up?
I'm from HF. Just thought I'd write up a quick introduction.
I saw the signatures you all had, and figured i'd take a look around, seems sweet.
So, my name is Alexander! I'm from Sweden and I've been using Linux for about 3 months now.
Take care!


Hi guys!Thread

I don't really know what to write, but here goes nothing.

Hello, my [English] name is Ben but you guys can call me AMP.
I'm eighteen years old, brazilian and living in Brazil, and currently working on my English degree although I'll probably be switching to Biology soon.

I'm running OSX 10.7.5 on a MacBookPro 13'.


Evening AllThread

Hello everyone. I found this forum basically because I browse /r/unixporn a lot and people always have it in screenshots so I figured I'd give it a go.

My first experience with a *nix OS was about 2005 with FreeBSD. It was a basic shell account where I learned how to set up an IRC server. Ever since then I have learned to depend on *nix for all of my server needs. I started small with shells then moved to full VPS boxes where I built my own stack and configured, secured my own stuff which was a great learning experience. My preferred OS for servers is Debian.

I'm starting the slow, moderately painful transition to a Linux Desktop. Currently I am running Linux Mint 16 with Cinnamon and I like it since it mostly just works and at the end of the day I just need my desktop to work. I'm sure eventually I'll transition to a different distro.

I'm still anchored to Windows because of gaming but that's slowly getting better, the drivers are still pretty nightmarish though and I have some bizarre issues that are brought about by dual booting.

Anyways, I'm glad to be here. Have a nice evening all.


Oh no! He's not a guest anymore!Thread

Hello Nixers!
I have lurked the forum for some months now after frequently seeing it on referred to /g/ and /r/unixporn. The time has come to finally make an account! I admire the skill and genius displayed on this board and I hope in glean some of it in the future while watching over the shoulders of the gurus.
Happy ricing :D



Hello everyone.

I am a long time Linux user and less long time BSD and OS X user. I stumbled across your forum in my internet travels. I think I'll stick around for a bit if you don't mind.



My real name is Nick, but online I go by nsbirl or kopri usually. I'm 22 with a few years of schooling on computers under my belt, but I broke my back a few years ago so I spend most of my time at home tinkering with computers. You guys here and on /r/unixporn have given me a lot of inspiration and ideas. Hopefully I will be able to give some back!



what's up, 19 year old computer science/math student here. I mostly use Arch but I mess around with a few different arm os's, uhh man_genie on /r/unixporn, that's about it!


Hey all!Thread

Programmer and sysadmin checking in! Currently running Gentoo on my PCs, FreeBSD on my servers, though I had a history of working with OpenBSD and Solaris before I saw the light.


Hey nixers!Thread

Hi everybody! I'm a long-time linux user, starting with redhat 5.2 many years ago. Arch and Debian are my main distros these days. I'm just starting my comp sci degree with plans to contribute to various open source projects. Cheers!




I'm gln, been lurking around the forums and IRC on and off for a while now. Thought I may as well formally introduce myself.

I'm a Computer Science student, working mostly on embedded systems, FPGAs etc. Should be doing my masters in Electronic & Electrical Engineering after the summer.

My interests include, robotics, tinkering, programming, cool shit, *nix etc.

I've been using *nix for a while now. I currently run OpenBSD on my server, Crux on my desktop and currently deciding on what to put on my laptop as it's running Win 8.1 atm.

Hopefully I can contribute something to this community.



I go by RudyLorren, I've been using arch for a few months now. Still new in the grand scheme of the *nix world. But I have a few things down pretty well.

I come here for the scrots ;) Your styles push me into new directions. So thanks for existing!

As allways it's a work in progress >>




Hello everyone,
Used to run Arch Linux for few years, but systemd happened. Now I'm new in OpenBSD world and looking for shelter. I love UNIX philosophy and minimalism.


Hi all!Thread

Well, after some time lurking around, finally registered :)

Actually working as a network and system administrator somewhere in France, I need my Unix dose on a daily basis since my work (sadly) mainly involves Microsoft's environment (but hopefully, we still have some *nix machines I can take care of ;))

I'm mainly using gnu/linux or OpenBSD, even at work (no need of windows to use rdesktop…), either Arch for my workstation and laptops or Debian for my servers, and tend to prefer the CLI way. But in our world of pictures and videos, sometimes I need graphical interfaces, that's why I use Wmii, XMonad or ratpoison (depending on my mood - ratpoison being almost exclusively used on my laptops, and I often switch between Xmonad, wmii or dwm on my desktop computer, although I'm back on wmii since around a month - really like the tagging way of managing windows, and, yes, I'm aware about i3, but I don't really like it)

And, here is my actual wmii config: