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The Evolution of security

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I have been watching a lot of video conferences on security and I’m wondering what will happen in the next couple of years.

Is security similar to organisms and does it adapt to threats?
Instead of using surface defense like IDS, firewalls, ID protection, AVs, etc., that evidently aren’t durable solutions, but cheap patches.

Will security move its focus to irreplaceable data protection? Caring more about things that aren’t re-doable or that would never be the same, or never be taken back. I mean by this, things such as IP, personal information, source codes, researches, etc. And to contrast it with, for example, replaceable things such as credit cards, accounts, websites, etc..

Will developers and engineers finally design technologies with the security in mind or will it always be pushed on someone else’s shoulders; to link the bridge between them. Similarly, no hardware can be secure if they aren’t made this way.
We often hear stories about pieces of hardware, such as microwaves or bread-machines, and even sophisticated - and costly - machineries that can easily be hacked. (see references)

Is it possible to imagine a future where everything is controlled by technology but none of it is created in a secure manner.

Even imperfection itself may have its ideal or perfect state.

Data is another issue. It’s getting harder to keep information secret, or at least keep it for a long period.
Passwords aren’t considered proof of identify anymore. They are characters that can be cracked, they have a pattern. Maybe RSA keys could be a viable alternative to passwords; the two way encryption and public and private keys mechanism.
The average person is not aware of how easy it is to crack/brute a password. What will be the way of proving that an account belongs to someone in the future?

What do you think readers, will the world really change that much in the next 3-5 years?

Link to discussion on nixers.net: here

References and further reading/watching:

  • Abyss of Cybersecurity-John Bumgarner
  • Testing enterprise systems advance data ex filtration techniques - Albert School
  • Business Ramifications of the internet’s Unclean Conflicts - Rockie Brockway

All available on irongeek.com

Update: Interesting comments have been posted since the article has been written.

Update 2016-03-16:

My prediction about self-morphing IDS or antivirus is coming true.

DARPA is working on something called cyber grand challenge which is an AI so powerful it can patch program on the fly against flaws and also discover them. More here

The internet of things has taken place and is growing, security is now a must.
The object of the real world I talked about in 2012 are now everywhere, the self-driving car are at the door. It’s dangerous to not be aware of basic security practices when building all those new interconnected devices!


  • Pearson Scott Foresman / Public domain

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