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Dynamic Evolutionary Psychology Project

Hello fellow readers,
It is finally up!

Dynamic Evolutionsy Psychology



Explanation: My marathon project is finally published.

You can find it at psychology.wtf.

The core of the website is found in the “Data Bank” and “Cycles” sections.

The data bank is a database of easily understandable researches on evolutionary psychology, all backed up by references. They are miniature summaries of research papers.

The cycles section is an attempt at finding links between correlations, to see the big picture of dynamicity in our built-in biases.

This project aims at people who are interested in evolution and psychology and who are seeking answers to questions related to universalilty in human psychology.

It introduces the field of dynamic evolutionary psychology, a mix of evolutionary psychology and social movements.

However, as a social science, it isn’t an exact science. The field is full of theories but even without being fully accurate the project is a way to peak into basic human nature and to ask questions about mundane daily behaviors.

The other goal is to have the explanation as clean, concise, and direct as possible, without concealing anything and without scientific jargon. Anyone should be able to understand those theories and claims without having to go through research papers.

Nevertheless, this is at the cost of sounding wrong in some places.

I wrote a book

out loud 1

Language: English

Explanation: I mentioned at the end of an earlier post that I wanted to write more about psychology and philosophy.

There has been a recent event going under the name of nanowrimo which consisted of writing a novel in a month. I wasn’t able to fulfil the goal of fifty thousand words but I’m satisfied with the product I’ve got in the end.

It’s called “Out Loud”, and you can find it here.

It’s a small book about deep thinking and monologue exploration.

Screenshot section


Language: Unix Ricing

Explanation: In the same earlier post I also mentioned that I was missing a screenshot section on my blog.

Well, I stayed true to my words:

Here are my screenshots

Ascii art new release


Language: ASCII

Explanation: The ascii art quest continues.
The latest pack of “impure!ascii” has been released today:

I’m newly exploring abstract art using ascii and it’s surprisingly cool.

As usual you can find all my work on github and on this page.

Podcast & The newsletter


Language: Unix

Explanation: I’m pushing the activities on nixers.net.
The podcast had 30 episodes in 2016 and I’m planning on continuing in 2017.

In 2017 I will try to bring more interview-like episodes.

We also started a newsletter at nixers.net/newsletter. The aim of the newsletter is to aggregate 10 interesting links every week.

So far so good, I hope I’m bringing some value to everyone.

2bwm updates


Language: C

Explanation: We recently updated many simple details in 2bwm. The signal handling is more stable, a restart mechanism using signals is now available, and you can finally change the colors using Xresources, without recompiling the window manager.

All those are great improvements and they wouldn’t have happened without the help of the people supporting me.

Patreon Page

On the subject of support, I’ve setup a Patreon page.


I’ve always been looking for a way to receive donations but none were valid medium for the miniature country of Lebanon.

Patreon with the help of Payoneer makes this possible.

The only drawback is that Payoneer takes a $3 fee per transaction.

Thus, if you ever feel like contributing and can’t think of anything else, or simply feel like it, you can send some cash in my direction.

It’ll probably be used to pay for the servers.

What’s Next

I recently received an email from the past, one year ago. It was sent from the website futureme.org.

It was a striking rememberance of what I’ve achieved during the year and how I’ve stayed true to myself.

Let’s continue on this path and increment on what I’ve already done.

Thanks for following my blog!

If you want something done, no one’s gonna do it for you, use your own hands.

And let’s go for a beer together sometime, or just chill.

Happy new year!

If you want to have a more in depth discussion I'm always available by email or irc. We can discuss and argue about what you like and dislike, about new ideas to consider, opinions, etc..
If you don't feel like "having a discussion" or are intimidated by emails then you can simply say something small in the comment sections below and/or share it with your friends.