// Patrick Louis

5 In The Morning


It’s 4:45am, you wake up! Rusty, you get out of bed. Man up, drink some water because your mouth is sore.

You wash your face with cold water. Then, stand up for 5 minutes, simply looking at the fridge to realize you’re still too numb to be able to eat or even to choose a meal… Anyway, you just want to leave as soon as possible. You pack up your stuffs and get into your vehicle. You suddenly tell yourself, dawn is the coldest part of the day.

Start the engine and force yourself to focus. The driving wheel is made of ice. The car drives itself.

There aren’t many that wanders on the road at this time of the day. It’s better that way, you tell yourself, I’m not getting blinded by the crazies that open their spotlight to maximum brightness. It’s better that way, there’s no traffic at all, it’s wide open. It’s better that way, drivers don’t do stupidities. Probably because there’s enough space on the highway or because the ones that wake up at this time are less likely to do so.

Who are they anyway? There’s a lot of refrigerated trucks, not a lot of huge trucks, some buses, a bunch of personal cars. You drive between 80 and 95 KM/H but notice that buses you used to take drive at twice your speed. Awkward how during the day they drive slower. Refrigerated trucks, unlike trucks you see during the day, have good drivers. Or is that again just because of the situation.

You’re in the capital. There are cars but less than usual. You wonder about the time-lapse in the life of someone living in the city compared to someone living farther. How your home location affects your mentality. People in the city tend to wake up late and sleep late, it’s the opposite for us.

A traffic light! Oh, someone passes even though it’s red… Traffic lights mean nothing at 5. Here we go! Destination reached.

Mornings are calm. There’s no one in the office to bother you. You can work and get things done. Mornings are calm. There aren’t stressed people on your way. How you hate those people… Always on the phone, driving fast, always appearing busy. Mornings are calm. They can almost make you forget the crisis happening in this country. Mornings are calm. There’s no hatred like during the day. So much complication and hatred… Mornings are calm. They remind you that everything can start again. It’s not the end if you’ve reached another day.

Let’s fight for a better future!


  • Frederic Edwin Church / Public domain

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