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Social Networking

Hello fellow readers,
I’ve been away of the social networking scene for a year, after obvious wrong events such as Facebook entering the stock market.

This post is a reminder of those horrible, so called, online social networks.

Social networks make people look stupid!
On a personal level, I’ve been out for a year and I still feel the weird nausea arising when looking at people wasting their precious time on those networks; wandering, laughing at debilitated pictures, and all that in the disgusting hope it will make them popular or raise their status.

The fact is the opposite.

Low status individuals allocate more time and energy to social judgements than do more powerful individuals. (Keltner, Gruenfeld, & Anderson, 2003)

Social craving is a virus and Facebook is abusing it; It’s enslaving its users.

Those people are persuading themselves that this is important. That other random individuals will care about what their daily habit.

The human animal is strange.

Last but not least, the chains tighten themselves when you delete your account: Shockingly, Facebook displays pictures of friends that will, supposedly, miss you.

Damn! I see those friends almost everyday!
What sort of scam is this?

PS: I heard, from some people, that Facebook is becoming a professional network. Isn’t it laughable: IT WILL NEVER BE PROFESSIONAL; even linkedIN is not professional.
And its javascript lags.

See ya!

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Update 2016-03-16: Facebook has badly grown like a tumor. It has invaded the internet. I’ve talked a bit about its effect in a more recent post. Unfortunately it has become the gameplay of many recruitment agencies and the plebs are moving their real life issues on their walls. Now, if you write anything online you can be sued in real life for it!

Stallman view on that
A good video explaining that

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