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Wild Mushrooms in Lebanon

The project about mapping wild mushrooms in Lebanon is out!

A video speaks louder than words:

The project consists of a map with wild mushroom specimens, their locations, along with pictures and descriptions of them. It is based on the only two research papers on the topic I’ve found, Joseph Thiébaut research paper “Champignons observés dans le Liban et la Syrie de 1930 à 1933” along with Nadine Modad research paper “Survey and identification of wild mushrooms in Lebanon” and my own research and findings over the past few years.
It took me around 2 months, or almost 15h to fill the map. These research papers have been my bedtime stories for quite a while.

I’ve been interested and researched mushrooms in the region since our scavenging excursion in 2017 where we’ve found a boletus luridiformis along with many other species.

This includes, apart from reading the research papers above:

  • Reading books such as:
    • The Edible Mushroom Book — a guide to foraging and cooking — Anna Del Conte, Thomas Laesee
    • The complete Mushroom Hunter — An illustrated guide to finding, harvesting, and enjoying wild mushrooms — Gary Lincoff
    • North American Species of Lactarius — Alexander H. Smith
  • Watching documentaries and following Youtube channels such as:
  • Frequently going on hikes during Autumn and Spring to find new species.
  • Seeking out dried and non-dried, or served at restaurants, exotic mushrooms such as morels, king oyster, shiitake, portobello, porcini, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and more.
  • Actively following /r/mycology subreddit.
  • Getting in the mood by playing the fungi board game.
  • Checking the already available map on mushroomobserver

… and much more.

Fungi are now a hobby of mine and I’ll keep doing research and adding specimens to the collection on the map as I discover them.

Again, here is the project link if you missed it.


And, here are some pictures for you enjoyment:

elfin saddle mushroooomz lactarius sp. mushroooomz mushroooomz pithya mushroooomz mushroooomz mushroooomz mushroooomz mushroooomz

Let me know what you think of this project and if you like it, and remember to be safe when harvesting for consumption.

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