// Patrick Louis

Mushrooms in Lebanon

Showing the places where wild mushroom specimens can be found.

When scavenging please have a checklist of criteria with you:

  • Color of anatomy
  • Color of spores
  • Age
  • Scales
  • Smell
  • Shape of different parts of the anatomy
  • Cap size and umbro
  • Gills or not
  • Ring/annulus or not
  • Location
  • Growing in patch or not
  • Cup/volva
  • Mycellial threads present
  • Season
  • If it changes color when bruised
  • Texture by the touch (don't be afraid to touch them, there are no mushroom that kills by touch)
  • Reaction to chemicals

Research based on information compiled from Joseph Thiébaut research paper "Champignons observés dans le Liban et la Syrie de 1930 à 1933" along with Nadine Naim Modad research paper "Survey and identification of wild mushrooms in Lebanon" and my own research and findings.




Thiébaut, Joseph. “Champignons Observés Dans Le Liban Et La Syrie De 1930 à 1933.” Bulletin Mensuel De La Société Linnéenne De Lyon, vol. 6, no. 7, 1937, pp. 108–110., doi:10.3406/linly.1937.9260.

Modad, Nadine Naim. Survey and Identification of Wild Mushrooms in Lebanon. Diss. American University of Beirut, Interfaculty Graduate Environmental Sciences Program (Ecosystem Management), 2006.



Warning: I do not take responsibility of the information provided here in case of incident caused by ingesting a mushroom. Be safe and love mushrooms!